Kate Pearce

The Triad Series
Sci-Fi Erotic Romance

Welcome to an imaginary world where civilizations, clash against the new and unknown, where telepaths are revered and reviled, and where your destiny can be preordained by a living oracle. Add in a group of super-soldier telepaths rescued from Earth and forming sexual triads for life becomes even more complex and life changing.


The Power of Three
Heat: 5🌶️
Book 1
The Power of Persuasion
Heat: 5🌶️
Book 2
Viking Unbound
Heat: 5🌶️
Book 3
Viking Claimed
Heat: 5🌶️
Book 4
The Power of Fate
Heat: 5🌶️
Book 5
Heat: 5🌶️
Book 6
The Triad Trilogy
Heat: 5🌶️

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