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Hello lovelies!

It’s May! We had very nice weather yesterday, which made a change, and now I’m looking at my summer clothes and hoping for a bit more sunshine to come. I’m not sure about where you are but the weather here has been very odd and very wet this year.

I posted on Facebook last week about my desire to have a romance convention where I just invite my friends, my favorite authors, and fans, and we chat, have tea, and sign each other’s books. The idea was received with great enthusiasm and I’ve dubbed it Kate.Con. I’m looking for a way to celebrate my 20th year as a published author in 2025 so you never know what might happen!

Bookwise, we’ve got Three Cowboys And A Bride coming out this month and A Marriage of Convenience (Millcastle 5) coming out in July. Here’s the cover and blurb:

A Marriage of Convenience by Kate Pearce

"After arriving at Grafton Hall begging for sanctuary, Ruby Delisle has no idea how to regain control of a future where her options as an unmarried mother are limited by financial and societal constraints. The last thing she expects is an offer of marriage from blunt speaking Dr. Nash who has his own secrets to contend with. Can they survive the demands of his aristocratic father and the ghosts of Ruby’s past to find a way forward together? Or will their uncompromising temperaments destroy their budding relationship before it has even begun?"

I really enjoyed writing this argumentative pair. The hero isn’t your normal smooth-talking lover, in fact, he’s far too honest for his own good sometimes. 🙂

Vintage Kate Pearce will continue to produce paperback versions of the ebooks, and there will be more reissues this year alongside the newer content. If you read in Italian or German translations of the Diable Delamere series are slowly coming out on the appropriate Amazon sites.

Wishing you all a very happy May,

Kate x

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