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Hello lovelies!

I’m busy celebrating a multitude of family birthdays that fall in January and February. One of my sisters was born 3 years after me on the very next day to my birthday. Apparently, my mum was dealing with my birthday party while going into labour, but she persevered. 🙂

In book news I’ve agreed to write some more books for Kensington, I’ll give you all the details when the contracts are finalized, but I’ll be busy until 2026. There won’t be more cowboys, but there will be mysteries and historical romance. I’m also working hard at what is currently called Millcastle 5 (catchy eh?) with Dr. Nash, who turned up a few books ago, now taking a starring role.

If you like slightly gritty historical romance with a hero you might wish to kill, The Lord Of Lost Causes (Millcastle 1) might be the book for you. It’s free everywhere at the moment. I’ll also have Master of None (Millcastle 2!) in a historical romance Valentine’s Day promotion that isn’t normally on sale. Look out for the email with the link on Feb 14th.

Kate Pearce Vintage, my reissue line will be bringing you Some Like It Rough this month - a novella set in small-town California with a steamy threesome if that’s your cup of tea. There will be at least two more reissues this year along with the new traditionally published books and the self-pubbed ones.

So, plenty of Kate books in the works and thanks to all of you for being so supportive and continuing to read them!

Kate x

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