Kate Pearce

The Power of Fate
Book 5
Heat Level: 5
The Power of Fate

Intent on becoming the highest ranked Hakron female in the Pavlovan military, Captain Mya Jong doesn’t expect Orin, her First Male to suddenly decide he wants to find their Third and start a family. The whole idea horrifies her, and she’s glad to bury herself in work—until she finds herself in hostile territory trapped with the most powerful telepath she’s ever met.

Trying to understand the unshakeable sexual and telepathic bond she forms with Rekk changes everything she believes about herself. Her mission to deliver Rekk to the Oracle at Quoxor becomes even more complicated when Orin comes after them. Can the mysterious Rekk really be part of their Triad? And, if he is, how will Mya overcome her fears and let him in?

The Power of Fate
Length: 4 hours
Narrator: Addison Spear
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  • Everand
  • Released on May 30, 2016
    paperback: 978-1-957727-98-1
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