Kate Pearce

Sex in Public
Heat Level: 5
Sex in Public

Including Cowboy Up by Kate Pearce

There’s nothing like robust physical activity in the great outdoors. Whether taking a few leisurely hours in the countryside or a frantic five minutes down a city side street, Sex in Public explores the whole fantasy arena of adult misbehavior in public. Voyeurs and exhibitionists alike fill the pages — those who hapen across an intimate liaison and those who deliberately display their passion before the eyes of others. From the thrill of almost getting caught, to the thrill of deliberately getting caught, this is edge-of-the-seat reading.

“Cowboy Up” by Kate Pearce
Ten years after his girlfriend, Jen told him to go to hell, Cauy Warner returns to his hometown a successful rodeo star. After weeks of lurid tabloid frenzy about his wild affair with a beauty queen, Cauy is keen to touch base with the only woman who ever understood him. But will Jen finally understand why he had to leave her or does she have a secret sexy agenda of her own? A short story in an anthology.

Released on April 3, 2007
paperback: 978-03523408-9-4

For the twentieth time, Cauy Warner checked the time on his cell and then looked back at the gate. Behind him, the crowd jeered as yet another bull rider crashed to the ground. The scent of cotton candy, hot dogs and kettle corn mixed uneasily with the raw smells of the rodeo. He hardly noticed the noise and the dust, his attention fixed on the entrance where he hoped to see a miracle.

Suddenly, there she was. He studied her from under the deep brim of his Stetson from the feet up. Red cowboy boots, an embroidered denim skirt and a silky halter top. With that amount of bare skin on show, he hoped she’d slapped on plenty of sunscreen. To his eyes she still looked like a teenager. He remained near the gate, one elbow propped behind him, one booted foot crossed over the other.

He waited until she turned around and slowly raised his head until he could meet her eyes. Her smile held a hint of uncertainty. No surprise, really, considering the last time they met she’d told him to go to hell.

He touched the brim of his hat. “Hey, Jen. Long time no see.”

Her smile didn’t quite reach her blue eyes. She tucked a wayward strand of black hair behind her ear. She’d always done that when she was nervous. Hell, over the years he’d done it for her a thousand times or more.

“Hi, Cauy.”

He waited for her to say more but she didn’t. What did you say to a man who walked away ten years ago and never looked back? He checked her fingers. No rings, but that didn’t mean much these days.

He gestured toward the nearest concession stand. “Shall we grab a cold one?”

She nodded, and began to walk away from him. When he caught up with her in two easy strides and cupped her elbow, she stiffened but didn’t pull away from his casual touch. Damn, she felt fine. He inhaled her familiar butterscotch scent and was instantly drawn into the past—her eager body moving under his, his cock buried deep inside her until he knew he had to come long and hard into her welcoming warmth or die.

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