Kate Pearce

Download a Regency Dress-up Doll to colour and cut out

When I was offered the opportunity to write cozy historical mysteries I was asked to choose a different pen name so that my existing readers wouldn’t go into the Kurland St. Mary Mysteries series expecting a romance novel. It was also quite freeing to start a whole new genre with a whole new name. I chose ‘Catherine’ because I didn’t think I’d remember to answer to yet another first name, and ‘Lloyd’ because it was another old family name.
Even though the books aren’t romances, there is still a subplot romance between the incredibly grumpy Major Robert Kurland, and the rector’s eldest daughter, Lucy Harrington who end up solving dastardly crimes together in their Regency village.
If you enjoy a good historical cozy mystery please give them a try, and maybe download my Regency paper doll who would make an excellent stand-in for Lucy. You can learn more about my cozy historical mysteries here: Catherine Lloyd Historical Mysteries. See below to download the dolls to make yourself and the instructions on how to do it. Click on the “download” button to download a copy onto your device.
Best wishes,
Kate Pearce AKA Catherine Lloyd