Kate Pearce

Sex and Shopping
Heat Level: 5
Sex and Shopping

Including Changing Rooms by Kate Pearce

Themed around the universal female love of shopping and spending, with an emphasis on fashion. But it’s not all long lines, credit card bills, heavy bags, fitting rooms and surly assistants — our characters find time for a great deal of naughty fun while out in the boutiques, superstores and malls of the everyday town and city.

“Changing Rooms” by Kate Pearce
Thirty something Julia Marcham is shopping for a dress that makes her look ten years younger and two dress sizes smaller to make her ex-husband realise what he’s thrown away. She gets a lot more help then she bargained for from the sexy male shop assistant who shows her that shes still got what it takes to drive a man wild!

Released on December 26, 2006
paperback: 978-03523407-6-4
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