Kate Pearce

Secured Mail
Book 2
Heat Level: 5
Secured Mail

Sven Magnusson is stuck on Earth sexually serving his queen and dealing with a culture where women don’t seem to want a man’s protection. As he struggles to understand Earth females, the queen encourages him to get laid. Of course, Thea Cooper, the only woman who appeals to him, thinks men are useful for one thing and on a one-night-only basis. Despite their clash of sexual cultures and the fury of their heated erotic encounters, can Sven find a way to convince Thea that she belongs with him on Planet Valhalla?

Note: Though this book can be read as a stand alone, it is the sequel to Planet Mail. Contains ménage scenes.

Note #2: This book has been previously published elsewhere.

Secured Mail
Length: 5 hours
Narrator: D. E. Fell
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  • Everand
  • Released on June 11, 2015
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