Simply Carnal and friend ad :)
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Something old becomes something new :)
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The first full-length erotic romance I ever had published in print in 2007, was called “Where have all the Cowboys gone?” from Virgin Cheek, part of the now deceased Black Lace line. Apparently, that book is hard to find in print and the digital version is quite expensive.

So I was very pleased to get an email from a new upshoot of Random House UK publishing called Rouge Romance who are going to republish this book in digital format for a much better price-and with a lovely new cover, which I have to show you below. :)

Isn’t that cool?
I’ll let you know when I get a definite date for publication, but I’m thinking they mentioned around March, April time this year.
And what is even cooler, is that they are hoping to publish the other two in the series as well!
It’s nice to see a good book get a second life-especially when it is one of your own.

A little bit more about why I decided to self-publish Educating Elizabeth
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Sometimes you write a book and despite your best efforts, that book doesn’t get picked up by a traditional publisher. Sometimes, and especially with the first two or three books I wrote, this was a good thing. :) But while I was writing Educating Elizabeth I knew several things: 1. I’d come a long way with my ability to plot. 2. I’d written a couple of characters that other readers fell in love with and 3.that I was always disappointed that this book didn’t find a publisher. I really wanted to share it with readers as it was the kind of book I loved to read and increasingly haven’t been able to find,

Fast forward a few years and all the new e-readers burst on the scene and suddenly there was Amazon Kindle offering writers a free way to publish their own books. I admit I was skeptical about the quality of that collective outpouring of product, but I decided to try it out with a short story “The Ties That Bind” for 99 cents. To my surprise, that story sold quite well and the process of uploading it was very simple.

So this year when I had a few spare moments, I dug out my file for ‘Educating Elizabeth’ and started to go through it with the thought of self-publishing it. To my surprise, I still liked it. There was a lot to fix and trim though, but that was a good thing. :) I also got an outside editor to go through it for errors and someone to design me a cover. My aim was to produce a finished book that didn’t look as if I’d just written it and slung it up on the internet to make lots of cash. LOL. I also have severe techno fear so although I had a great self-formatting guide from Nadia Lee, I ended up asking her to format the book for me for all the different e-publishing sites of which there are four main ones (Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, AllRomance ebooks and Smashwords who distribute to Apple, Sony and Kobo) each with different requirements.

And voila! a book!
It’s not an erotic historical like the Simply’s with lots of sex and angst, so if that if what you love, this book might not be for you :). It’s more of a traditional steamy Regency with a half-French duke who is not what he seems, and a feisty over-educated and very frank heroine who has no compunction in asking the awkward questions that most gently bred Regency ladies would avoid. There’s a plot to assassinate a member of the Royal family, codes to break and a steamy love story all wrapped up in a satisfying ending. I enjoyed writing it immensely and I hope you will all enjoy it too. :)

New digital only book out :)
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I’m excited to tell you all that I have a new book out! It’s called Elizabeth’s Education and it is a steamy, not an erotic Regency romance. It is a book I am very fond of, so I decided to publish it myself digitally. And when I say by myself, I mean I had to get some very talented people to help me edit it, produce a beautiful cover and format it properly for the various digital sites. I’m extremely happy with the results. :)

Here’s the blurb :)

When Miss Elizabeth Waterstone encounters the enigmatic Duke of Diable Delamere in the most shocking of circumstances, she is determined to exploit his rakish expertise to the fullest extent. The duke agrees to teach her everything she needs to know, but in return expects to receive her unwitting cooperation to uncover an assassination plot against the monarchy. But Elizabeth is hard to deceive, and the duke finds himself needing more than her innocent skills in his bed. Together they must use their remarkable abilities, to thwart a villain, save the Prince Regent and accidentally and inevitably fall in love.

Dukes and uppity blue stockings and spies and codes and assasination attempts, oh my!!

It’s available at the various places listed below. :)

And if that doesn’t tempt you, Simply Carnal will be out at the end of January!

Another new cover for an old favorite.
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Last week I received another surprise when a copy of Simply Sexual translated into Portuguese arrived in the mail, complete with an eye mask, a ribbon closure, a beautiful cover and a bookmark.
The new name is Escravos do Amor. I must admit, I did puzzle over it for a while because there’s already a Spanish edition and I wasn’t sure what this one was! A quick email to Kensington confirmed that it was from Portugal proper as opposed to South America. I love the fact that they took a small detail from the plot, the pearls and used it on the cover!

I love getting these books!

Welcome a fellow Brit, Nell Dixon :)
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When Nell mentioned she had written a book with a heroine called Kate who is renovating an old cottage and meets a ghost from the English Civil War era, I knew she was actually writing about me-I mean I knew I had to read the book!

Here’s the details:
Enjoy! I know I will. :)

Overworked, over budget and just so not over him! Kate would like an engagement ring from Steve but instead he’s lumbered them with a thirteenth renovation project, and doing up Myrtle Cottage disturbs a ghost from the English Civil War who has romance troubles of her own.

And here’s a little excerpt:

A movement in the undergrowth outside caught my eye and the sight of my cat, Mr Flibble making his way through the long grass towards the orchard at the side of the house bought a smile to my face. Mr Flibble was the one good thing that had come out of my seven-year relationship with Steve. Seven years, thirteen houses and all I had to show for it was a broken heart, a half-ruined house and a one-eyed cat I’d rescued from a dumpster.

A theatrical cough from the direction of the kitchen door alerted me to Steve’s presence in the kitchen.

I didn’t bother turning round. “Is there any hot water left?”

“The tank’ll fill up if you give it half an hour.” Steve sauntered past me crossing the neutral zone to reach his red-labelled cupboard. His hair was still wet from the bath and he hadn’t bothered to dress before coming downstairs. Instead he had wrapped one of the dark blue bath towels that my mother had given us as a gift two Christmases ago around his waist.

“You could get dressed before you come down here.” As soon as the words were out of my mouth I wished I could take them back. It was pointless saying anything like that to Steve. He’d do it all the more if he thought it would annoy me.

Back in his boy band days I would have found seeing Steve half-naked sexy, and we would have made love amongst the dust and debris of the kitchen. Thousands of screaming teenage Danger Line fans would have killed to take my place. Now having him roam around clad in only a towel was just one more of his annoying habits.

© Nell Dixon

And here are the buy links.
Amazon UK

and amazon U.S.

I’ll give away a copy to one lucky commenter below!!!

Covers for the Japanese versions of Simply Sexual and Simply Sinfful
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Thanks go to my awesome web mistress, Frauke at Croco Designs and to Nadia Lee for the translations.

Aren’t they awesome?

Translation: Haitoku no lesson/immorality’s lesson, or immoral lesson.
Keito piaasu

Translation: Haikotu no angeru, immorality’s angel or immoral angel.

Great tiles! can’t wait to see them.

Raw Desire is out!
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Got a nice surprise from coffee time romance reviews today :)

They picked Raw Desire as one of their favorite books this month!
Considering writing the thing nearly killed me, this makes me very happy indeed :)

The whole review is posted a couple of posts below this if you want to take a peek.

There’s another review up here as well.

And if you want to win a copy?
comment below by next Sunday or visit here

Help me choose a new author photo :)
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While I was at the Romance Writers of America conference in New York, the very talented Jax Cassidy of Jaxadora Designs took some new author photos for me. I’ve picked a few that I liked and I’m wondering if any of you have a preference?
Note, these are what Jax calls Raw images because she swears she can make me look much better than this with the magic of photoshop. :) And I believe her.







I know, its scary isn’t it?
I like the one when I’m smiling in the sun by the green leaves and although it is a bit bright, apparently that can be fixed, :) Also the image will be cropped closer in like the first one I must admit I made a terrible model, no amount of watching Tyra on ANTM and smizing seemed to work!

But, more importantly, what do you think?

First review for Raw Desire :)
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It’s a good one :)
I’m not going to mention the one from RT which wasn’t quite as good :)

ISBN: (10)0758241402/ (13)9780758241405
September 2011
Aphrodisia, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$14.00-USA/ $16.95-CAN
304 Pages
Erotic Romance; Contemporary
Rating: 5 Cups

Abby Kendal loved Rob Ward with all of her heart. But when he pushed her to far too fast, she ran to his best friend Jackson.

Rob was furious, broken-hearted, and turned on when he found his fiancé in bed with his best friend. Telling her to leave had her running out of town as soon as her bags were packed.

Jackson Smith knew sleeping with Abby was not the smartest idea he has ever had. But he loved her almost as much as he loved Rob.

It has been years since Abby left, but now that her mother has passed away she is back to get her old house in order. Rob does not realize how angry he is at Abby until the surge of desire he feels for his ex is mixed with a ton of past anger. Somehow, Abby and Rob find themselves in bed together once again and it is hotter than when they were young lovers. When Jackson is thrown into the mix, making them a threesome, their sheets go from steamy to scorching. But someone in the quiet little town does not want Abby there, and will go to any length to make sure she leaves before she finds out what really happened to the young girl that died on the same night that Abby left town years ago.

Raw Desire is a fitting title for this novel as it explains to the fullest how erotically charged this book is. Kate Pearce has written a story that is filled with past angst, present danger, so much passion it practically pours from the pages, and enough complications to keep the reader watching the twists and turns of the three main characters’ lives as they struggle to figure out where they fit in their unique relationship. When you add in the oh-so-sensual scenes of Rob and Jackson, the pages go from scorching to bursting into flames and I swear I could almost feel my fingertips being singed as I read the enticing scenes. As the passion, complexities, and suspense builds you can feel the tension building until it finally snaps and leaves you reeling. Reading a Kate Pearce novel is like having an all night sex marathon followed by eating a piece of decadent chocolate.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More