(June 19th, 2015)

News from Kate

Dear Readers,

a bit of a mixed bag to offer you in the upcoming months! The good thing is that hopefully there will be something coming up that you will like.

Planet MailThe first thing is that the reissues of PLANET MAIL and SECURED MAIL are out in the wild at $2.99 each. I plan to release book 3, CAPTIVE MAIL, later this year and intend to write that fourth book—the one that never was even started—soon after that.

Coming up in July is the second of the Simply series novellas, written just for me and the fans, SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE, which features Val, Sara, Abigail and Peter.

SacrificeA slight change of pace into more erotica in September, October and November when Riptide Publishing will release a science-fiction erotica horror trilogy from me. The Tribute series is not for the faint-hearted being very Dark Romance. You can find out about all three parts on my Coming Soon page and preorder them at the Riptide website.

I’m also working on Vikings Two, the second anthology, which will contain my Viking story, VIKING CLAIMED (Triad 4) and will come out around September.

Also in the works is AWAKENING AMELIA, which will be book three in the Diable Delamere series, and Triad 5, another telepathic ménage book set on Pavlovan.

You might be wondering what’s happening with the Sinners Club. At the moment, my publisher wants me to write something else, but you never know when I might get back to my naughty Regencies. Next year it’s going to be all romance and the gorgeous Morgan brothers who own a cattle ranch in Northern California. More on that as soon as I have it.

Kate x

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Available June 30, 2015:

Simply Irresistible

Simply Irresistible

In Regency England bedchambers, almost anything goes in Kate Pearce’s House of Pleasures…


No one can deny the passion Abigail Beecham feels for Peter Howard. Not Peter, not Abigail, and, unfortunately, not Abigail’s husband James, a man with no interest in his wife or the society he long ago left behind. But despite longing for Peter, Abby cannot continue their illicit affair—not when her young son’s future hangs in the balance.


Peter knows well that many things are sweeter when protracted, but what he wants from Abby goes beyond ordinary desire. He wants her to himself, to devote his entire being to making her wildest dreams come true. And so he turns to his oldest friend, Lord Valentin Sokorvsky, and Val’s wife Sara, to abet his cause. Now these wanton friends are banded together for love, for pleasure, and for happily, wickedly, ever after…

Note: This novella follows characters that have been introduced earlier in SIMPLY SINFUL and SIMPLY SEXUAL. You will get more out of SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE if you read those first.

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