(April 8th, 2015)

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Seven Sinful StoriesThe Valhalla series with PLANET MAIL, SECURED MAIL and CAPTIVE MAIL is currently unavailable but soon to be reissued. PLANET MAIL, however, makes a reappearance April 15 in the box set SEVEN SINFUL STORIES: The Second Collection: Slip between the sheets with seven New York Times & USA Today bestselling authors in one anthology. These seven sizzling and sinful erotic stories are sure to burn up the pages! Available for a Limited Time!


Death Comes To Kurland Hall Simply Irresistible

After the release of SIMPLY PLEASURE, a terribly self-indulgent set of short stories about Peter Howard and Valentin Sokorvsky’s return to England as 18 year olds, I get the chance to wrap up Peter and Val and Sara and Abigail’s story in another novella this summer. I think you’ll all like SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE, too. It’s already available for pre-order. You can read more about it as well as the third Kurland St. Mary mystery (DEATH COMES TO KURLAND HALL) — available at the end of the year — on the Coming Soon page.

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Spring 2015 Releases

Viking Unbound

Viking Unbound

The Triad Series #3

Encased in ice, traveling through space and thousands of years adrift from his world, Viking Einarr Bloodaxe can’t help but respond to the call of his female and finally break free of his magical entrapment.

For this woman he’s willing to defy everything—even time…

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Loving Michael

Loving Michael

Diable Delamere #3

Since returning from the peninsular wars, Michael Waterstone has learned to live within restricted boundaries and taught himself not to yearn for what he can never have. Fortunately for him, ex-courtesan Angelique Delisle is no respecter of boundaries of any kind, and offers him a provocative Christmas wager that might change his life forever…

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