(December 29th, 2014)

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MASTERING A SINNER is available December 30, 2014! It’s the third installment in The Sinners Club series, following the prequel The First Sinners, The Sinners Club (Book #1) and Tempting a Sinner (Book #2).

Simply PleasureMy November 25 releases, SIMPLY PLEASURE and DEATH COMES TO LONDON, writing as Catherine Lloyd, are still available!

SIMPLY PLEASURE is a terribly self-indulgent set of short stories about Peter Howard and Valentin Sokorvsky’s return to England as 18 year olds. While it takes place before the events in the later books (SIMPLY SEXUAL and SIMPLY SINFUL), you may get more out of it if you read those first. I really did kind of write this novella for me and the fans.

Next year I get the chance to wrap up Peter and Val and Sara and Abigail’s story in another novella. I think you’ll all like that one too.

I also wanted to mention that EDEN’S PLEASURE and ANTONIA’S BARGAIN my first two books that are kind of related to the House of Pleasure series are now available again at all retailers. ANTONIA’S BARGAIN is still one of my favorites.

Eden's Pleasure Antonia's Bargain
Remember these are early books and I’ve left them as they are.

Currently out of print are the following titles that have previously been published by Ellora’s Cave: PLANET MAIL, SECURED MAIL and CAPTIVE MAIL. But don’t worry, they’ll be soon reissued.

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Available December 30, 2014

Mastering a Sinner

The Sinners Club #3

Bound by sensual secrets and illicit fantasies, the select members of the Sinners Club are privy to carnal pleasures too shocking to share…

Seductive Surrender

Alistair Maclean enjoys his work as secretary at the Sinners Club until the women at the Club demand a secretary of their own. Suddenly Alistair finds himself at the mercy of a wanton beauty who demands Alistair submit to her in ways he’s only ever dreamed about…

Deep Submission

Diana, Lady Theale, has secrets from her past she must protect. But that doesn’t stop her from enjoying passion in the present. She needs Alistair’s help to untangle the mystery of her parentage, but she also needs his body to satisfy her darkly erotic desires…

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Simply Pleasure Death Comes to London