Covers for the Japanese versions of Simply Sexual and Simply Sinfful

Thanks go to my awesome web mistress, Frauke at Croco Designs and to Nadia Lee for the translations.

Aren’t they awesome?

Translation: Haitoku no lesson/immorality’s lesson, or immoral lesson.
Keito piaasu

Translation: Haikotu no angeru, immorality’s angel or immoral angel.

Great tiles! can’t wait to see them.

Raw Desire is out!

Got a nice surprise from coffee time romance reviews today 🙂

They picked Raw Desire as one of their favorite books this month!
Considering writing the thing nearly killed me, this makes me very happy indeed 🙂

The whole review is posted a couple of posts below this if you want to take a peek.

There’s another review up here as well.

And if you want to win a copy?
comment below by next Sunday or visit here