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So long, farewell!
Monday, August 28th, 2006 12 Comments »

I’m off to England on Wednesday with my 4 year old daughter. My youngest sister is getting married and we’re looking forward to seeing all the family!

I was a bit worried about the original strict guidelines about exactly what you could take on the plane with you. it’s hard to imagine entertaining a 4 year old for over ten hours with the contents of your wallet, sky magazine and your passport. Luckily things have eased up a little so hopefully we’ll be okay.

My daughter has already picked out 2 ‘geowns’ (her word) that she wants to take-she can’t decide which one goes best with her pink sparkly shoes and purple fairy purse-ah decisions…

I’ve been reading some interesting literary fiction recently in a desperate attempt to awaken my brain. I really enjoy the issues Jodi Picoult brings up in her novels and I’ve totally fallen in love with Ian McEwan. He writes the most perfect, concise beautiful sentences I think I have ever read.

I tried to convey the wonderous nature of Mr. McEwan’s fiction to Mr Kate but he gave me one of those, ‘what the hell are you talking about looks’. He thinks writers are strange especially when they read.

In other news, I sold a short story called “Cowboy Up” to Virgin Black Lace for Sex in Public which I think comes out next Feb. I was concerned this one wouldn’t make it as I wrote the whole thing in male point of view before it dawned on me that VBL usually prefer the female point of view. But thankfully they liked it! It’s very comforting to keep selling things-it gives me hope that this is a career as opposed to a flash in the pan!

I’ll let you know how the big trip went when I get over the jet lag!

Twenty Glorious Years
Thursday, August 17th, 2006 10 Comments »

To celebrate the fact that Mr Kate and me have been married for twenty years-yes twenty-as of yesterday, I thought I’d share some ‘romantic’ erm information/facts about the enigma of ‘Mr Kate’ and exactly why we’ve managed to remain married and still speaking to each other.

1. Mr Kate is not his real name.(gasp) When I told him I was writing a blog I was given strict instructions not to name him because he is a high up lardy-dah business type person.

2. Mr Kate now has several fans who work with him who read my blog and think it is hilarious that a big lardy-dah business man gets called Mr Kate.

3. Mr Kate is very fit. He goes to the gym three times a week and also rides a horse. I swear there is not an inch of flab to pinch on the man.

4. The first time we kissed, I knew I was going to marry him.

5. The first time we kissed, Mr Kate knew that we were going to have a problem avoiding over-bites.

6. On one of our first dates, Mr Kate scratched the immortal words “DD 4 CH” within a heart into the brickwork by my front door with his keys-where it still remains (as far as I know)

7. Mr Kate always writes the above message in every card he gives me.

8 Mr Kate likes AC/DC and loud rock music. He also had a fine collection of black T-shirts bearing band names when I first met him-come to think of it he still does.

9. Mr Kate also has a secret liking for Shania Twain and the occasional Madonna song. I’m sorry but his pathetic excuse of accidentally taking “Ray of Light’ on his business trips didn’t wash with me. I know he knows the words and can even be coaxed into the occasional philisophical discussion about what in the world will Madonna do next?

10. Mr Kate doesn’t drink coffee much as he is totally wired. If he was growing up these days he’d be classified as having ADHD. In our day, he was simply made to stand in the corner and told that he’d never make anything of himself.

11. As a kid his first dream job was ‘bin man’

12. He supports Manchester United football team (loser)

13. His second dream job was ‘astronaut’. He’s still a total space addict. If he gets really rich I expect he’ll book himself a seat on a moon tour. (alone)

14. Mr Kate used to think it was funny to leap out at me and scare me. He doesn’t do it so much anymore because once I nearly expired with fright.

15. After our first ten years of marriage Mr Kate told me that he’d realized that when I shared something with him, it didn’t necessarily mean that I was asking him to fix it for me or tell me what to do. He had discovered empathy-a big moment in a man’s life.

16. After our first fifteen years of marriage he stopped taking my shoes upstairs and let me leave them on the bottom of the stairs. (did I mention he’s a cleaning nazi?)

17. He always tells me I look nice. Sometimes I have to stamp on his toes until he’ll tell me what he really thinks.

18. He thinks I look better without make up (he thinks I don’t wear it snort)

19. He loves me despite the fact that the first time he took me to dinner at his parents I lost a whole fried tomato up my sleeve and got trifle in my hair.

20. When our daughter was born, he got up at four a.m. every morning to feed her so that I could sleep and never missed a night.

Can you see why he’s so lovable? I’m a very lucky lady

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